Thursday, July 12, 2012

My beautiful, furry family

This one is for the cat lovers :)  Three years ago, I saw some kittens dart into the backyard of the vacant house next door.  They were as feral as could be.  After months of canned cat food, and my being up at all hours trying to trap them, they are a permanent fixture in my backyard and my heart.  I already have three indoor cats, or they'd be visiting inside, as well.

My intention was to give them names based on their purrsonalities.  Momma, of course.  LuLu, the little sister, sometimes annoying to her siblings.  Butthead, for not only does he purr loudly and bite me at the same time, he also butts his head against our kitchen window when he sees me...loudly.  Loverboy, I've never met such a snuggle-bug.  And White Dot, the other sister who likes to keep her distance, but will tolerate loving when necessary.

They are all black.  Momma has a white dot and short hair.  All of her kids are long-haired.  White Dot shares her Momma's dot.  In the winter (if you could call it that) they grow a beautiful long, grayish brown undercoat. 

Thank you for your interest in my babies :)  I love them very much!


LuLu (winter coat)~


Loverboy (and star of my June tag)~

White Dot~

and this was the best group shot I could get~

Thanks for visiting and letting me show off :)


  1. Fellow cat lover here, your fur babies take good piccies (or rather, you took good piccies of your fur babies!)They look gorgeous xx

  2. I love your Feral Cats! I have one (Moni) that I adopted 15 years ago and she has only let me pick her up in the past couple of years. Before that she lived under my she sleeps curled up under my arm every night! Enjoy your babies!